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Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing 2017

Are you want? Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing 2017 Free, It has turned out to be very difficult to see how one can profit online by means of YouTube.I was the main ever individual who propelled YouTube Courses Online in such a nitty gritty way, to the point that anyone could without much of a stretch comprehend the essentials and nuts and bolts of YouTube.This is the most broad guide as indicated by current updates and strategies of YouTube which were declared on April 6, 2017, that “No promotions will be served on a channel until the point when they achieve 10,000 life time sees”.Indeed, even from that point forward, a manual survey process will start to settle on the off chance that they will be acknowledged into YouTube Program approaches or not.

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Earn money youtube - Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing 2017

Make Money On YouTube with Adsense Training Context:

  1. What is Google Adsense – Complete Overview
  2. A brief introduction to Google Adsense and the process how it works.
  3. What is YouTube and what are current policies?
  4. All the latest information on YouTube recent updates of 10K views and other policies. Also, I have defined my complete strategy as how I am working now on YouTube
  5.  YouTube Hot Niches Ideas – Niches That Get 10,000 views Fast
  6. Did you know there are 100s of Hot Niches available you can pick and start working right now? I defined Hot
  7. Niches that get 10K views fast
  8.  How to Find Keywords for YouTube – 1,000+ keywords in a day
  9. The most advanced and proven techniques to find 1,000+ keywords in a single. (My own technique)
    Channel Logo and Art Creation
  10. A simple guide to design logo and channel art with Sothink Logo Maker and Photoshop
  11.  How to Create YouTube & Google Adsense Account along with Channel Branding
  12. A brief guide to creating a YouTube channel step by step and sign up for Google Adsense Account. After all
  13. these additional guidelines for complete channel branding.
  14.  How to Prepare Data for YouTube Videos
  15. A simple technique to gather all information for creating stunning videos which are copyright free
  16.  How to Create YouTube Videos
  17. Brief Guideline to create YouTube Videos using Camtasia
  18.  How to Make Live Recording Lectures
  19. How can you create a tutorial type videos? It is defined here. Video Creation Guidelines
  20. Another part of video creation with one of my video that I made for one of my channels
  21.  Checklist of SEO for YouTube Video
  22. All the important points to consider while doing SEO for YouTube Videos
  23.  Thumbnail Creation Guideline
  24. How can you create a catchy thumbnail for your video? Defined here
  25.  YouTube Video SEO Strategy – OnPage
  26. A brief and step by step guidelines to do OnPage SEO. I uploaded a video and showed everything live as how I do it
  27.  How to Create Free Blogs for Backlinks for YouTube Videos
  28. Complete step by step process to create web 2.0 blogs such as Blogger, WordPress, etc for earning free
  29. backlinks to boost our videos ranking
  30. How to Use Quora for Views and Backlinks
  31. A free method to drive quality traffic + gaining free backlink
  32.  How to Use Social Media to Promote Videos
  33. A process defined to utilize Social Media Platforms for engagement, views, and ranking
  34.  Overview video for working with Adsense – Checklist
  35. Overwhelmed with information? Here is a quick checklist of what to do


  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • A brief introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  •  How to Create Amazon Account
  • Step by step process to create Amazon Account for YouTube.
  • How to Create Affiliate URL in Amazon
  • Understanding the process of making Affiliate URL to get commissions
  • How to Do Keyword Research for Amazon Products for YouTube
  • My simple technique and secret formula to research keywords
  • How to create Amazon Videos
  • Complete guidelines on how to create products reviews videos to generate sales and profits.

Download Umer Iftikhar youtube course with affiliate marketing 2017

Price: Free
Size: 724 Mb

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So now download this course and enjoy, Now Make Money Online <3 .

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